Drug-related deaths in Scotland in 2015

Statistics of drug-related deaths in 2015 and earlier years, broken down by age, sex, selected drugs reported, underlying cause of death and NHS Board and Council areas

Published on 17 August 2016


Main Points
  1. Introduction
  2. Data Sources
  3. Drug-related deaths: trends, causes of death, drugs reported, sex and age
    1. 3.1 Overall numbers
    2. 3.2 Underlying causes of death
    3. 3.3 Selected drugs reported
    4. 3.4 Sex and age
    5. 3.5 Death rates for problem drug users
  4. NHS Board areas: trends, causes, drugs reported, and death rates by age group and relative to the estimated number of problem drug users
  5. Council areas (trends, causes, drugs reported and death rates by age-group) and areas with smaller populations
  6. Notes on statistical publications
  7. Related organisations

List of Tables

List of Figures

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