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2011 Improvements to Vital Events Statistics

2011 Improvements to Vital Events Statistics

2011 improvements to the statistical information available, on this website, about births, marriages, civil partnerships, divorces, dissolutions and deaths

This note describes the main improvements, made in 2011, to the statistical information about ‘vital events’ (births, marriages, civil partnerships, divorces, dissolutions and deaths) which is available on this website (and also on the Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics web site). It does not mention a number of ‘minor’ improvements.

Vital Events Reference Tables (published 5 August 2011)

Four new tables have been added:

  • Table 2.3: Adoptions by type of adoption and by type of adopter(s), 1999 - 2010

  • Table 3.7(c): Cumulative fertility, 1935-1995 (assumed) birth cohorts, Scotland, 2010 - NB: this provides figures for (i) many more years of age than Table 3.7(a) and (ii) many more (assumed) birth cohorts than Table 3.7(b)

  • Table 3.16: Fertility rates (per 1,000 women) by age group and administrative area Scotland, 2010 - NB: as well as figures for each age-group from 15-19 to 40-44, this provides the General Fertility Rate and the Total Fertility Rate for each area.

  • Table 7.9: Marriages, by country of residence of husband and country of residence of wife, Scotland, 2010

The following tables have been expanded markedly:

  • Table 2.1: Adoptions, 1930 to 2010 – The number of adoptions each year from 1930 to 1989 have been added.

  • Table 3.1 has been split into two parts, (a) and (b), because the single-page Table 3.1 could not provide both (a) annual averages for each five-year period from 1946-50 onwards and (b) figures for each individual year from 2000 onwards. As a result, taken together, the new tables provide figures for an extra five-year period and seven extra individual years, compared with the old table.

Time-series Datasets

A new table has been added:

  • Re-registrations of births: 1935 to 2009 (added 21 April 2011)

Other statistics available on the Web site

Drug-related Deaths in Scotland in 2010 (published 9 August 2011)

  • figures for Volatile Substance Abuse were included in Table Z

  • Annex B was expanded to provide some information about the Volatile Substance Abuse figures, give an example of the kinds of differences that can arise between NRS and other bodies' figures for parts of Scotland, and mention the first report from the NHS drug-related deaths database.

Age-standardised Death Rates calculated using the European Standard Population (new section - added 16 December 2011)

  • this provides death rates which have been 'standardised' using the European Standard Population, to show any trend in the underlying rates of death. The resulting figures are not affected by the year-to-year changes in the distribution of the Scottish population by age and sex.

  • statistics are available for all causes of death taken together, and for a number of specific causes: cancer, ischaemic/coronary heart disease, stroke/cerebrovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, alcohol-related deaths and probable suicides

  • age-standardised deaths rates are provided for all persons, for males and for females; and also age-and-sex standardised death rates for all persons.

  • there are separate sets of tables for people of all ages and for those under 75.

Information about Vital Events statistics

New pages have been added (or existing pages expanded) to provide information about (for example):

  • Adoption statistics- three new documents cover the arrangements for registering adoptions, the information available for the production of the statistics, and the confidentiality of the data (added 8 April 2011)

  • Changes to the coding of causes of death between 2010 and 2011- a document describing the main effects on the statistics of changes to the automatic cause of death coding software, which took account of some World Health Organisation updates and therefore caused some breaks in the continuity of the statistics (added 15 June 2011)

  • Quality of National Records of Scotland (NRS) Data on Deaths- a document which compares some of the items of information held in the statistical database's records with what appeared in the Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death (added 17 June 2011)

Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics (SNS) (updated November 2011) (now decommisioned and replaced with

  • Multi-member wards were added as a new geography for many of the Birth and Death indicators.

  • The availability of data for different years for other geographies was ‘tidied up’ – the missing years' data were added in the case of those geographies for which data for all but one or two years were already available on SNS, and (in a small number of cases) data which had been loaded into SNS for a given geography for only one year were removed.