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Reports and Research

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The National Records of Scotland (NRS) will publish a number of documents relating to the Beyond 2011 project.

However, we are aware that other official websites will also publish documents relating to the work we are doing. We will, where possible, publish links to these below.

Published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS)

ONS Reports and Publications

Full set of papers published by the ONS Beyond 2011 programme since October 2012.

O1 - Beyond 2011 - Options Report

This paper presents an initial assessment of the current shortlist of options being considered.

The quality targets and evaluation criteria that the options are being assessed against are explained and key research questions that will need to be answered are listed.

A brief discussion of each of the options under consideration highlights potential risks, ability to provide data at particular geographical levels and frequencies and the degree of public burden involved.

A companion paper ‘Beyond 2011: The Options Explained 2’ (Paper M3), provides a simple introduction to each of the options currently under consideration and an overview of how the options have been refined.

Published February 2013

M3 - Beyond 2011:
The Options Explained 2

This paper provides an overview and brief explanation of the options under consideration and a summary of progress in drawing a shortlist of the options to be taken forward.

A companion paper ‘Beyond 2011: Options Report’ (paper O1) presents an initial assessment of the current shortlist of options being considered.

Published February 2013

R1 - A review of International
approaches to estimating and adjusting for

This paper provides a summary of the research carried out on how other countries approach their estimation and adjustment of under- and over-coverage. The paper reviews the methods used and the implications for Beyond 2011.

Published October 2012

M2 - Exploring the challenges of using Administrative Data

This paper examines the statistical challenges associated with using administrative sources to estimate the size of the population. The key issues for coverage assessment are discussed and approaches to over-coverage adjustment and coverage survey design are also explored.

This report links closely to another ONS Beyond 2011 Methods & Policies report, ‘M1 - The Options Explained’, which outlines statistical options that could potentially provide census-type data.

Published October 2012

M1 - The Options explained

This paper provides a simple introduction to the options being researched by the Beyond 2011 Programme.

Note -  Now been updated by M3 titled –
           The Options explained 2.

Published October 2012

Beyond 2011 Public Consultation on User Requirements

This document provides the results of the first ONS Beyond 2011 public consultation which ran from October 2011 to January 2012

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