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1991 Census Products

1991 Census Products

 11 September 2008

Last Updated: 27 February 2014

1991 publications were produced on paper and are not available online.

1991 Census Special Migration Statistics are available in excel and csv format for current council areas.

1991 Census Special Workplace Statistics are available in excel and csv format for current council areas.

Preliminary Report for Scotland

Cost £3.80. Available from The Stationery Office.

Local Base and Small Area Statistics

Available in paper or magnetic media formats. The User Guide, Order form, and data are all available from GROS.

Data and Table Requests

Requests for data or customised tables from the 1991 Census should be made to Statistics Customer Services ([email protected]). Each request will be checked to ensure that the information provided does not breach confidentiality conditions. If the request does not pass the confidentiality conditions then users will be asked to modify their request (without charge).

Commissioned output will be subject to a charge. The charge will be based upon the amount of time required to fulfil the enquiry. Customer Services will inform the customer of any charge before work begins. It is expected that the majority of customer requests will take less than one hour to complete and will therefore not incur a charge.

Sample of Anonymised Records (SARs)

Details on how to gain access to the SARs can be obtained from the Cathy Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research.