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2001 Census Variables

2001 Census Variables

25 April 2006

Data collected in a Census does inevitably contain inconsistent or incomplete information and, as a result, adjustments were made to some of the 2001 Census data using the Edit and Imputation and the One Number Census processes. The tables and charts in this section give details of the extent to which adjustments were made to the various items collected on the Census form (e.g. age, ethnic group, lowest floor level of dwelling etc.).

1.    Introduction

2.    The Processes Analysed

3.    Method of Analysis

4.    Results and Conclusions

Appendix A - Household Reports and Tables

Appendix B - Relationship Reports and Tables

Appendix C - Person Items Reports and Tables P2 to P9

Appendix D - Person Items Reports and Tables P10 to P17

Appendix E - Person Items Reports and Tables P19 to P34

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