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2001 Census

2001 Census

Origin-Destination Statistics

The 2001 Census origin-destination statistics contain data for flows between two geographic areas. There are three different origin destination products, representing the following types of flow:

  • Special Migration Statistics (SMS) - migration flows, for people who moved address in the year before the census, between their address one year before and their address at census time;
  • Special Workplace Statistics (SWS) - workplace flows, between place of residence and place of work (residents of England, Wales and Northern Ireland only); and
  • Special Travel Statistics (STS) - travel flows, between place of residence and place of work/study (residents of Scotland only).

The data is provided in matrix format, with counts of every area to area flow in the UK (each cell in the matrix). There are various breakdowns available of the characteristics of the people in the flow. The data is available at four different geographic levels:

  1. Census output areas.
  2. Wards.
  3. Postcode sectors (residents of Scotland only).
  4. Local authority areas.

The data is available on CD-ROM by contacting Statistics Customer Services ([email protected]).

Additionally this data was sent to intermediaries who are able to provide versions of the data more tailored to individual users’ requirements. These intermediaries are:

The Greater London Authority who manage the software package SASPAC.

The Centre for Interaction Data Estimation and Research (CIDER) who operate the WICID (Web Interface to Census Interaction Data) system.

The NOMIS website (local authority level workplace/travel data only). More details are available at "Origin-destination Travel Data on NOMIS".

1991 Scottish Census data is also available on this website, at unitary council area level, for Special Migration Statistics and Special Workplace Statistics.