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2001 Census

2001 Census

UK Definitions Volume

On 8 July 2004 the UK Census Offices published the report Census 2001: Definitions which provides explanatory information to accompany the results from the censuses held in 2001.

The Report includes:

  • definitions of terms used in the census output;
  • notes comparing results between different parts of the UK;
  • changes from the 1991 censuses; and
  • full lists of statistical tables in the main output programme

Information is provided in a single comprehensive volume to assist the reader in understanding and using the 2001 Census results.
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Census 2001: Definitions

Introduction, Census methodology and processes, Population base, Comparability with the 1991 Census, Glossary (369 KB)

Output classifications part 1 (1.7 MB)

Output classifications part 2 (1.4 MB)

Filters, Output tables (1.0 MB)

Maps (2.0 MB)


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