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The following definitions are used in this publication:

  • Household: This publication uses the same definition of a household as the 2001 Census - one person living alone, or a group of people (not necessarily related) living at the same address with common housekeeping (that is, sharing either a living room or sitting room or at least one meal a day).  This excludes people living in communal establishments.

  • Private household population: The population living in private households, i.e., people not living in communal establishments.

  • Communal establishment:  An establishment providing managed residential accommodation, such as a care home, prison, barracks or student hall of residence. ‘Managed’ means full-time or part-time supervision of the accommodation.

  • Dwelling:  A dwelling is a self-contained unit of accommodation, such as a house or flat. This does not include free-standing lock-ups.

  • Vacant dwelling: Dwellings that are exempt from paying Council Tax because they are unoccupied, and dwellings entitled to a second home or long-term empty property discount.  This includes self-catering holiday accommodation available to let for up to 140 days per year.

  • Occupied dwelling: All dwellings, minus those that are vacant or second homes.

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