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This bulletin presents 2000-based household projections produced by the Scottish Government Development Department. These update the 1998-based projections published in August 2000 in Statistical Bulletin HSG/2000/4, and incorporate the 2000-based population projections.

These household projections are calculated by applying trends in household formation observed in the 1981 and 1991 Censuses of Population to the 2000-based population projections prepared by the Government Actuary's Department and the National Records of Scotland (NRS). It is important to note that the projections should not be treated as forecasts but as an indication of what might happen in the future if past trends were to continue. No account is taken of trends in household formation since 1991.

Chart 1: Projected Households in Scotland by Household Type 2000 - 2014

Chart 1, showing figures from Table 1

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