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Centenarians in Scotland 2009 to 2019

Centenarians in Scotland 2009 to 2019

Last update: 24 September 2020National Statistics Icon

Key Findings

  • There were an estimated 820 centenarians (people aged 100 and over) in Scotland in mid-2019. This is a 5% increase over the past year, after four years of decline. This corresponds to an increase of births which occurred in Scotland at the end of World War One. 
  • The majority of centenarians are female. In mid-2019, there were over 4 times as many female centenarians as males. There were 670 females compared to 150 males. This disparity can be explained by the difference in life expectancy for males and females.
  • Over the past decade to mid-2019, the number of male centenarians have grown at a faster rate than female centenarians.
  • Scotland has had the lowest proportion of centenarians in the UK since mid-2017. Most recently in mid-2019, there were 1.5 centenarians per 10,000 people. In comparison, Wales had the highest proportion (2.3 per 10,000), followed by England (2.0 per 10,000) and Northern Ireland (1.7 per 10,000).
  • In mid-2019, there were an estimated 43,660 people aged 90 and over in Scotland. The number of people in this age group has increased every year since mid-2009, however the rate of growth has slowed in recent years.
  • Scotland had the second lowest proportion (80 per 10,000) of people aged 90 and over in the UK in mid-2019. Northern Ireland had the lowest proportion (73 per 10,000), and Wales had the highest (99 per 10,000).

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