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Mid-2002 to Mid-2010 Revision

Mid-2002 to Mid-2010 Revision


Population estimates for Scotland, Mid-2002 to Mid-2010 revised following the 2011 Census. Population estimates by sex, age and administrative area


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17 December 2013

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Please always refer to the latest mid-year estimates and population time series data to get the latest data available for Scotland. This data superseded the data given below at the specified date.

Revising population estimates after a census is a key part of the methodology to produce mid-year population estimates. A consistent series is required because population estimates are an important input in a wide range of National Statistics. They are also used for calculating rates and performance measures, informing local and national policy, weighting surveys, planning, resource allocation and in modelling the economy.

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Methods used to revise population estimates for Scotland and its administrative areas for mid-2002 to mid-2010 and A comparison of the old and revised population estimates for Scotland and its Council areas for mid-2002 to mid-2010 (Excel 1.6 Mb).

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