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Further Information

Further Information

Sub-national projections

The projections for the administrative areas of Scotland summarised in this booklet are also available by single year of age and sex for each year of the projection period, 2002 to 2018. For further information on data availability and formats please contact Statistics Customer Services - E-mail: [email protected].

National projections

National population projections for Scotland are prepared on a regular basis by the Government Actuary, in consultation with, and at the request of, the Registrar General. The latest projections, to which the sub-national projections in this booklet have been controlled, are based on the mid-2002 population estimates. The projections cover the period to 2042 and are available by single year of age and sex for each year of the projection period. More detailed data is available from the Government Actuary's Department (GAD) website or by contacting GAD at the address given in that site.

Other related data available from the GROS Customer Services

Estimates of the resident population of Scotland are prepared by GROS on an annual basis. They are available by sex and single year of age for each of the administrative areas of Scotland. The estimates relate to 30 June of the year covered and, generally, they are released during April of the following year. A substantial amount of historical data is available. Information is also available on a wide range of related topics such as migration estimates and data from the 2001 and earlier Censuses of Population.

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