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Girls' names

Girls' names

For the fourth year in a row Chloe was the top choice for girls. Amy and Lauren, second and third in the final 2000 rankings, were tied for second place in 2001 (Table 2). Sophie, up 2 places to ninth, was the only new entry to the top ten. There were only minor changes in the top twenty, apart from Ellie, which moved up 9 places from 26th to 17th. The biggest jumps in the top fifty were Molly and Eve, both up 19 places to 30th equal. Bethany (down 17 places to 48th) and Louise (down 14 places to 46th) were the most significant losers. Notable names dropping out of the top 100 were Lauryn, Katherine, Fiona and Mhairi.

By early December, over 24,000 girls had been registered, with over 2,900 different names being used. This greater range of names is reflected in the fact that for girls the top 50 names accounted for just under 50 per cent of the total. Over 1,800 girls were given unique (for 2001) first names.

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