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Girls' names

Girls' names

Chloe has been the favourite girls' name since 1998 (Table 2). Last year Chloe was substantially more popular than any other name, but this year, other names such as Sophie, Emma and Amy have closed the gap considerably. Sophie has in fact run Chloe quite close in 2002. Another impressive advance was made by Ellie (up 11 places to 6th). Other big movers in the top 50 are Louise (up 16 places to 28th) and Jennifer (up 11 places to 29th).

Lauren has had a significant drop in popularity in 2002 (down six places to 8th), while Shannon (down 7 places to 23rd), Olivia (down 10 places to 35th), Cara (down 14 places to 42nd) and Beth (down 13 places to 50th) have dropped sharply.

Kirsten, Sara, Jasmine and Victoria have all dropped out of the top 100, along with Jordan, which also dropped significantly in the boys' list.

The biggest jump in placings for girls' names has been Alicia, which has moved up to 82nd place from a distant 168th place last year - a jump of 86 places.

By December 2002, just under 23,500 girls had been registered, with over 3,000 different names being used. The top 50 girls' names accounted for just less than half of the registrations, and nearly 2,000 girls in Scotland were given unique (for 2002) names.

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