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Drug-related Deaths in Scotland in 2013

Drug-related Deaths in Scotland in 2013


Statistics of drug-related deaths in 2013 and earlier years, broken down by cause of death, selected drugs reported, age and sex.


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14 August 2014

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Note: the population estimates for 2002 to 2011 (inclusive) that have been used for this publication are 'rebased' population estimates, which take account of the results of the 2011 Census, and therefore differ from the original estimates for those years that appeared in previous editions. Those years’ death rates that appear in this publication have been calculated using the rebased population estimates, so may differ from the death rates that appeared in previous editions (which were calculated using the original population estimates).

Unless indicated otherwise, the figures for NHS Boards given in this publication are based on the Board boundaries that apply with effect from 1 April 2014. Where appropriate, the figures for earlier years have been revised to give the numbers that would have been seen had the new boundaries applied then. Because of the boundary changes, the figures for some NHS Boards in this edition are not directly comparable to the figures for those Boards that were given in previous editions.

List of Tables and Figures

NHS Board and Council statistics for certain drugs for 2013, on the 'all drugs found present in the body' basis (not the standard basis for figures for individual drugs)

With effect from the publication of Drug-related Deaths in Scotland in 2009, the standard basis for the National Records of Scotland figures for individual drugs for 2008 and subsequent years was changed to 'drugs which were implicated in, or which potentially contributed to, the cause of death'. Further information about this change is given in (e.g.) paragraph 1.3 and Section 2 of Drug-related Deaths in Scotland in 2009.

However, there is also some interest in statistics which cover all the drugs reported by a pathologist, including any 'which were present, but which were not considered to have had any direct contribution to this death'. Therefore, the extra tables that are available via the links below provide figures for individual drugs, for NHS Boards and councils for 2013, on this 'all drugs found present in the body' basis. These statistics are on the same basis as, and so may be compared with, the figures for 2008 which were published in Tables HB3 and C3 of Drug-related Deathc in Scotland in 2008 - except that NHS Board boundary changes mean that, in some cases, they are not directly comparable to what was published in previous years. It must also be remembered that these figures are not on the standard basis.

Table HBX

Drug-related deaths by selected drugs reported and NHS Board area, 2013
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Table CX

Drug-related deaths by selected drugs reported and council area, 2013
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