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Drug Related Deaths in Scotland in 2007

Drug Related Deaths in Scotland in 2007

Description Drug Related Deaths in Scotland in 2007
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First published 7 August 2008

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Note: the population estimates for whichever of the years from 2002 to 2011 (inclusive) appear in this publication are the original mid-year population estimates for those years. They have been superseded by 'rebased' population estimates which take account of the results of the 2011 Census. The 'rebasing' changed each year's estimate of the total population of Scotland by under 1%. Death rates (per 1,000 population) that were calculated using the original mid-year population estimates are therefore subject to small percentage changes. Revised death rates (calculated using the rebased population estimates) will be published in 'Drug-related Deaths in Scotland in 2013', but are not expected to change significantly any analysis of variation across Scotland or trends over time. More information about the rebasing of the mid-year estimates, and the consequential temporary breaks in series of death rates, is available from the Births and Deaths Rates: breaks in series circa 2011 section of this website.

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