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Registrar General's Annual Review - Invited Chapters

Registrar General's Annual Review - Invited Chapters

Correction 11 August 2016
We regret that there was a small problem with Footnote 23 in the 2015 Invited Chapter. The web version of this has now been corrected. We apologise for any problems or inconvenience caused by our error.

Since 2002 there have been Invited Chapters included in the Registrar General's Annual Reviews. The chapters cover a variety of topics and the views expressed by the authors are of course their own, and do not necessarily reflect those of National Records of Scotland or the Scottish Government.

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Burden of Disease in Scotland


Household Changes and Housing Provision in Scotland

2015 Migrants in Scotland’s population histories since 1850
2014 How do Scotland’s Ethnic Groups Fare in the Labour Market?


First World War


Statutory Registration


Beyond 2011 - future options for population data collection


Scotland's Census as a Research Tool


Very Near the Truth: a history of the census in Scotland



Improving choice in the registration system



Fertility, Policy and the Future of Scotland's Population


Scottish Demography - Local Perspectives


Causes of Death


150 Years of Civil Registration






Low fertility in Scotland: a wider perspective



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