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Friday, 14 Nov 2014
The Kaiser's Spy in Scotland - Image

 A secret agent’s spy kit goes on display for the first time at the National Records of Scotland in an exhibition on German espionage in Scotland...

Thursday, 6 Nov 2014
Demography News Release - Image

Detailed characteristics on Housing and Accommodation in Scotland

Wednesday, 29 Oct 2014
Demography News Release - Image

The number of deaths registered in Scotland during winter 2013/14 was the lowest since records began more than 60 years ago.

Thursday, 23 Oct 2014
Registration News Release - Image

The Scottish Government announced on Monday 13 October 2014 plans for commencing most of the rest of the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland...

Wednesday, 22 Oct 2014
Demography News Release - image

This Scottish Government report adds value to equality data from Scotland’s Census published by National Records of Scotland.